Jardin Secret II

Work Notes Tape realised in the GRM and the IRCAM studios
Edition Wilhelm Hansen, Helsinki
Category Solo Keyboard(s)
Year Composed  1986
Duration 11 Minutes
Orchestration Harpsichord & electronics
Availability Sale

Programme Note
Jardin Secret II (1986)

JARDIN SECRET II (1984-86) for harpsichord and tape continues the line of composition I began to develop in JARDIN SECRET I for tape alone. In JARDIN SECRET II, I concentrated more particularly on rhythm. Thus in these two pieces, on the same principle, I have particularly worked on the abiguity in the relationships between pitch, harmony, timbre and noise.

So whereas in JARDIN SECRET I, the rhythmic interpolations have none of the perceptive mechanism, in JARDIN SECRET II, the attention is drawn to the relation between the instrument and the tape, to thedifferences between the human interpretation and that of the computer, likewise musical material created with the aid of the computer.

Unlike JARDIN SECRET I, where the tape material was produced completely synthetically, JARDIN SECRET II uses concrete sounds (the harpsishord and my own voice that were fed into the computer and processed at the digital studio of GRM, including the spatialisation. Finally the material was given rhhythmic shape using FORMES programme at IRCAM.

© Kaija Saariaho