Work Notes
dedicated to Henri Dutilleux
Publisher Chester Music Ltd
Category Works for 2-6 Players
Year Composed 2011
Duration 5 Minutes
Orchestration violin, viola (cello)
Availability Sale


Programme Note
Aure (2011)

Shadows of Time in five episodes for orchestra by Henri Dutilleux is a work that I particularly admire. It is a rich and extraordinarily shaped composition. I find the third movement, “Mémoire des ombres” (Memories of Shadows) deeply moving in its subject (the text is a sentence from Anne Frank’s diary: “Why us, why the star?”), in its dedication – “for Anne Frank and for all the children in the world, all innocent (1945-1995)” – and in its unforgettable compositional mastery.

I took a phrase, the first one sung by the child’s voice, as a point of departure for my little homage because it has often come to my mind since 1998, the year I first heard the work.

I wrote this piece originally as an homage to Henri Dutilleux’s 95th birthday.
The present version for violin and cello has been created for Jennifer Koh and Anssi Karttunen, and is dedicated for them.

Aure, physics, old word. Breeze, breath, air:
We were caressed by a gentle breeze that our ancient language called “aure”; a kind of delicate morning breeze, misty and scented in the dew.

Chateaubriand, Mémoires d’outre-tombe (Memories from Beyond the Grave).

© Kaija Saariaho