Electronics – Common Problems


Missing sound files

Make sure you have downloaded the sound files from the relevant piece page: the ‘latest patch version’ download does not include the sound files; these need to be downloaded separately from the same page.


Computer crashes when starting standalone applications

It is a known issue that Max patches saved as ‘standalone applications’ using Ircam Spat Library and downloaded from the Internet may crash when starting them the first time.

This problem is due to the application’s sensitivity to the difference in context between the machine on which it was saved and the host machine on which it is used.

A simple solution is to delete the Max preferences. It should be done precisely as follows:

– close Max, Max Runtime or the Max standalone application,

– go to Users/Library/Preferences and delete the ‘Max Preferences’ Folder,

– start Max or Max Runtime or the Max standalone application and check it is working correctly (for instance, inside Max, go to Options/Audio Status to check it is behaving normally, and run the Audio Tester in Extras),

– quit Max,

  1. -then start the standalone application.

This solution has solved the problem in all known cases.


If you are experiencing any other problem, contact us.