26, January 2016

Kaija Saariaho at Njord Biennale

A new, contemporary music festival has emerged in Copenhagen – the Njord Biennale. The festival which aims to focus on Nordic music, Nordic culture and Nordic artists takes place January 28 – February 1, and the festival composer 2016 is Kaija Saariaho.

The first Njord Biennale has Colour of Sound as its theme and there will among other events be an installation by the Finnish artist Raija Malka, contributions from many Nordic ensembles and musicians and a whole program specifically for children. The Finnish Avanti! Chamber Orchestra will play for the first time ever in Denmark. They will play two concerts: the opening night on January 28 together with French La Chambre aux Échos, where they will perform La Passion de Simone by festival composer Kaija Saariaho and on Friday January 29 where they will play music by Saariaho and other Nordic composers.

Kaija Saariaho’s music will be presented during the whole festival, and many of her works will receive their first performances in Denmark at this festival.

Saariaho will be present during the whole festival and it will be a unique opportunity to hear her music in Denmark where she was last featured when she received the Sonning Music Prize in 2011.

Among the Saariaho works played are Notes on Light, Lichtbogen, Sombre, Terrestre and Lonh and there will even be a World Premiere: Concordia which can be heard on the opening night February 28.

The whole presentation of the Njord Biennale and their focus on Kaija Saariaho can be seen at their website. http://www.njordbiennale.com/en/